Loved the Long Island Ice Tea!!
R. Cooper via - Apr 17, 2018
Not a big fan of Chinese food everything is fried ... read more
Jonny Runge via - Apr 14, 2018
The food's okay not what I I'm used to as in the way it is made ... read more
Santos Salinas via - Apr 13, 2018
Great food good service ... read more
Linda Austin via - Apr 10, 2018
The food was delicious and the employees there are very helpful ... read more
Whiteboy99 Crazywhiteboy via - Apr 9, 2018
Love the food and service ... read more
Sherry Kirby via - Apr 5, 2018
Always great good, tons of food, at a fair price. Our go to Chinese restaurant ... read more
Cliff McCabe via - Apr 4, 2018
Loved it Service was a bit slow but still doable ... read more
James Zaske via - Apr 2, 2018
Quick and friendly service. I will recommend it to friends.
Michelle Wolfe via - Mar 30, 2018
We really enjoyed our meal. Tasty food and friendly service.
Bruce Angle via - Mar 30, 2018
If you like Chinese food, you'll love The Hong Kong. The quality is superb and the staff are good folk, plus you get a lot of food for your buck.
John Belville via - Mar 30, 2018
Best Chinese food in ADA or Canyon County ... read more
william Mettz via - Mar 24, 2018
Same as always Satisfying!
Mario Fernandez via - Mar 19, 2018
A Nampa favorite for those downtown or anyone in city limits, and all those rural farmers in canyon county.
James Gordon via - Mar 15, 2018
My favorite eat in Chines restaurant ...
My favorite eat in Chines restaurant. Love the meal selections and the combos offered. I think we live just a little to far away for take out not deep fried chicken to be a little slimy from steam in the go-to containers.  I always get the same but my husband has tried several different things and all have been very good.
Jessica R. via - Mar 9, 2018
Good food but the restaurant is always cold for some reason so your hot food they bring to your table gets cold before you can wield your fork ... read more
John Smith via - Mar 9, 2018
Ya know, I guess I am a little old school. The place and the food has changed. I really miss the way it was before it was remodeled. The food was even a little better and the menu had more variety then. is still one of the top 3 Asian restaurants in town and there are many more of them to choose from!
Google User1 via - Mar 3, 2018
Nice change of pace ... read more
Lori Rodriguez via - Mar 3, 2018
I grew up loving this place. I ...
I grew up loving this place. I now live in Utah but I guarantee you that every time I come back, I make it a point to stop and have some of the best Chinese in my opinion. This is the place I measure all others by and honestly, no others come even close. The egg rolls are sooo good. The sweet and sour and Mandarin sauces are to die f ... read more
Jeff A. via - Feb 27, 2018
We have been coming here for years we love it! Great food that’s always awesome and their staff is great! One server we love that we have had is Molly and the other one we love has curly hair and glasses, I don’t remember her name, but everyone there is very friendly and kind!
Delia Ramirez via - Feb 27, 2018
Great place to eat food is worth the price ... read more
Bunkercone Gaming via - Feb 26, 2018
Sit in or delivery or pick up the food is always great ... read more
Corey Johnson via - Feb 25, 2018
Food was good but some of the other customers need to go to some good manners classes ... read more
Loree Johnson via - Feb 21, 2018
Best Chinese food in Nampa. So clean.
Kim Elmore via - Feb 20, 2018
Ok Chinese food. Decent service.
Debbie Harris via - Feb 13, 2018
Great food and atmosphere with great service. Every one is very polite and courtesy.
Larry Faith via - Feb 11, 2018
To much spices in the food. Can't taste what you eating.
Anna Salvador via - Feb 10, 2018
Best Chinese food in Nampa!!! We love the pork fried rice and Mandarin chicken.
Gloria Nagel via - Feb 10, 2018
Have been going here since I was a small favorite Chinese food...NO ONE DOES IT BETTER!!!
Carol Riecker via - Feb 8, 2018
Spendy but delicious ... read more
Tara Sullivan via - Feb 5, 2018
I love that this place delivers, all food had no MSG!
The Lotherina via - Feb 2, 2018
Favorite Chinese place...
Boyd Clark via - Jan 29, 2018
Good Chinese food and the staff is always great!
Matt Henrikson via - Jan 29, 2018
I am pleasantly surprised with the food from Hong Kong Restaurant. I ordered Chow Mein and friend shrimp. The price was reasonable. The person who took my order was borderline rude but my food was good. For affordable take out, I have to give Hong Kong 5/5 stars. Will definitely order from them again.
Stacks Stacks via - Jan 29, 2018
Good food, good service good atmosphere. What more does one need? ... read more
Diane Redding via - Jan 26, 2018
Love the food and service ... read more
crypto woes via - Jan 22, 2018
Amazing ... read more
brandi ludovic via - Jan 21, 2018
Phenomenal Food and Service ... read more
Joseph Posada via - Jan 21, 2018
always great food, and prompt delivery ... read more
Rene Villarreal via - Jan 15, 2018
Good food, accommodating waitress.
Doris Robinson via - Jan 15, 2018
Not bad for Nampa. They know what chow fun is, very large portions. Lovely quiet space. Check it out.
George Geranios via - Jan 9, 2018
Tonight was my family's first time eating at Hong Kong and we all loved it! My kids are very picky
Tonight was my family's first time eating at Hong Kong and we all loved it! My kids are very picky eaters and my two year old couldn't get enough of the Hong Kong Salad lol!!! We ordered two speciality dinners for a family of five and we had tons of left overs! The ingredients were very fresh and the portions were very generous! Gre ... read more
Clara Olivia Sandoval via - Jan 9, 2018
Best Chinese, nice atmosphere too!
Cristiana Grant via - Jan 4, 2018
One of my favorite places to eat at!
Toby Grant via - Dec 30, 2017
Good service.
Karolyn McCreary via - Dec 29, 2017
Good food. Good service.
ramir233 via - Dec 29, 2017
Best Chinese food anywhere ... read more
NeCole Benjamin via - Dec 26, 2017
Very nice! ! What a surprise!
Shelli Spengler via - Dec 25, 2017
Great food nice friendly place ... read more
Edwardo Figueroa via - Dec 22, 2017
I've been going here since 1968. Classic chinese/american. Great service. Clean. Plan on taking the extras home.
paul bentley via - Dec 18, 2017
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